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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Meet my friend in my computer: Fazila from Chasing Dreams

Fazila, is in one word DETERMINED. Yes, I meant for it to be all caps. She goes for what she wants and keeps at it till it's done. I love, love her stick-to-it-ness. Her attitude is inspiring, seriously guys I really just want to gush about her, but words fail me.

She is lovely, principled, hard working, speaks her mind and just all round awesome-sauce. And in something I consider amazing, has found a way to balance family, work and what she wants out of life.
Hi there, this is my friend Fazila. Let's chat.

How did we meet?
At the Mommy blogger CT get together on 9 May 2015. I remember you grabbed me and hugged me and I was like whaaaaa’ and then I just went with it. (It's because I had just read her story about her mom, and wanted to give her all the hugs, I did ask first)

What is blogging to you?
A way to spread knowledge and connect with people. Sometimes an introspective outlet.

Current favourite series, book and game. 
Haven't read since I birthed. But one of my favourite recent book series is The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larrson and then there's Angelfall (also a series) by Susan Ee. TV Series: Scrubs is my all time favourite – I watch season 1 till 8 every year!!! I like Awkward (don’t be judging ) and Parks and Rec. I love comedy series (obvi) because life is already full of human drama RIIIIIGHT

Favourite "it's amazing how much this works" exercise step/routine? 
Brent's bootcamp at Constantia Virgin Active on a Saturday morning. He BREAKS my body every week no matter what (and I workout everyday). He is the ONLY instructor who can kill my body every single class. Its amazing. This week every muscle was aching so bad for THREE DAYS AFTER his class and get this – we only used body weight. He is effing magical.

Dream home gym/exercise space 
On the grass in the yard….I'm basically LIVING MY HOME GYM DREAM

Coffee or tea? 
Neither: boiling water with lemon. I have even started (much to my husband’s annoyance) requesting this at restaurants.

Food or sights when travelling
Food: I like trying different vegetarian dishes. Im not vegan or anything. But I just like to see how creative different places are with their veg dishes. Sights: ocean, forest, outdoors, fresh air. That’s what I look for

What does a day need to be good for you?
It has taken me a long time to realise, a good day does not depend on events, how I look, or when things go or do not go according to plan. A good day depends on my attitude and my faith in my Creator that it has been ordained for me thus, even what appears to be negative on the surface includes a positive lesson for me. No matter what, have a positive attitude towards each day. To help me fall asleep at night I think about all the things I should be grateful for. Things I never ever dreamed possible 13 years ago are now a reality for me. And for that I am forever grateful. How could the day not be good then?


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