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Friday, 6 November 2015

Meet my friend in my computer: Abigail from The Triangular Room

Abigail, is a massive Pathfinder, The Sims and Pathfinder nerd. What she doesn't know about The Sims isn't worth knowing. She is a gaming geek, loves to colour, read, and collect all the mini figs. Always ready with some advice for Sims problems, and her current series on Pathfinder for beginners is a great ready for anyone just starting to play. 

Her unbridled full enjoyment of what she loves is something we all need. She inspires me to write more about gaming here. Hopefully, I'll do so :p.
Hi there, this is my friend Abigail. Let's chat

How did we meet?
I believe we met on Twitter. I must admit I don't remember the specifics, but I suspect you came into my timeline via Tally or Noelle. I know I had previously come across your hubby's Pathfinder stuff, so I remember it being one of those small world moments when I figured out the connection between you and him :) We have yet to meet in person, but I hope to change that one day!

What is blogging to you?
This is actually something I've been thinking about a lot lately. I enjoy writing and putting my thoughts down on (virtual) paper, and having my own blog allows me to share whatever thoughts I want, without some editor looking over my shoulder and telling me what does or doesn't belong on their site. The fact that people enjoy reading some of what I write is a really nice bonus. It does mean my blog covers some rather disparate topics, but it works for me at the moment.

Current Favourite Series: At the moment I'm really enjoying Star Wars Rebels. For a show that's more or less aimed at kids, it contains tons of little details that make my inner Star Wars geek squee. The fact that the show reminds me of Firefly and has top notch voice acting is a nice bonus!

Current Favourite Book: The Lorien Legacies (I Am Number Four) series by Pittacus Lore has me eagerly awaiting every new book to find out what happens next. Another great book I read recently was Stephen King's Doctor Sleep (awesome sequel to The Shining), as well as On Writing, which is a great read, even though I usually don't like non-fiction.

Current Favourite Game: Besides the obvious choices of The Sims and Pathfinder RPG, I've really been enjoying Disney Infinity 3.0 - it's the best Star Wars game that's been released for about a decade. For non-digital games, one of my current favourite board games is Takenoko.

Warrior, rogue or mage?
Tough one. I think mage for ultimate power and flexiblity.

Collecting figs or colouring in? 
As much as I enjoy art and colouring, I'm a packrat at heart, so collecting would probably win this one.

Food or sights when travelling?
Definitely sights. I'm such a fussy eater that the thought of eating meals where I don't know exactly what is in it is rather terrifying!

What does a day need to be good for you?
A good day for me is one where I don't have to get up too early, there are no demands being made of my time, so I can just chill at home in my pajamas all day. Some yummy food and a good book are always nice as well!


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