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Friday, 20 November 2015

Five for Friday

My brown thumbs and I, now have three new plants to look after. We have lemon grass, chocolate mint and lavender. Keiden is enjoying watering them. And it helps me feel like we're not wasting water, because we put his watering can in the shower to catch some water.

The water crisis is heavy on my mind. We're doing as much as we can think of to be careful with our water use, but any and all tips are most welcome.

We recently received the information pack for school for Keiden. And I must say going through it all has been a great reminder of why we were so excited about the school in the first pace. They strongly discourage party packs on birthdays, fr one. They're all about learning through play, and fostering independence. And parents have homework, reading to our little every day :D.

I'm considering carrying on with blogging every day for as long as I can manage it. What do you think?

And what are your thoughts about me talking about my rpg characters? We're currently playing this, with some friends...and I need to talk about my character, her love-love interest, and the difficulties when your team doesn't work as a team. (If you have any rpg questions, go check out Abigail's series)


  1. I like the idea to keep posting every day - go, you!
    Also, I like the idea of reading your characters. I don't have the time and/or energy to draw up my own and actually participate in any RPGs, so I totally don't mind living vicariously... ;)

    1. Will see how long I can keep it going, but yes, posting every day could be a thing. Cool, shall share some bits and bobs about my characters :)

  2. What does chocolate mint taste like? Sounds cool!

    1. It smells like mint chocolate, tastes like a much milder mint. And it's great for full sun, so bonus because our balcony is north facing.


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