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Friday, 13 November 2015

A look at Kids Book Club

It's probably not much of a surprise, but we really, really love books in our family. And because of that I figured why not give this Kids Book Club thing a try, when the opportunity to do so arrived.

At R145 a month, for two books for your kid, two magazines for you, and a lovely, lovely bag for your little to do all the things they do with bags, it is a great deal. Sadly, though the first two deliveries left me underwhelmed.

To be fair, we go to the library every week, and Keiden has tons of books - and a really great collection of Priddy books he got as a gift. Priddy books are amazing, and you get one of those in the delivery, a big win. But because of those it wasn't really anything new for us, besides the bags, which Keiden loves - he is always packing it and saying bye-bye.

It turns out though those first two deliveries were just a bunch of teething problems. Because today's delivery was great. The magazine selection has improved - full disclosure they are a month old, but who has time to read the current ones or buy them? - and the Priddy book is this great treasure hunt book. Keiden really enjoyed the page with food, no surprise there ;)

If you're looking for some way to get new books for you kid, with a little treat for yourself this is a great way to do so.

This is not a paid for post, but I did receive the delivery to try it out.


  1. Yes I think it varies but they are good educational ones this past month.

    1. It's also about the age group your kid fall in.


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