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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Things they don't tell you in the "So you've decided to have kids" brochure

That your social life gives way to theirs. There's a pinotage day happening this Saturday, but we can't go because of kiddie birthday parties.

The sick cycle is real. It all starts with an innocent little sniffle, that as it moves from family member to family member it becomes less innocent. And once the sniffle has done it's rounds, there.is.something.new.

There will be a new family head. And it won't be the person/s making the bucks.

You will question, and requestion every decision you make for your kid...forever.

That your little person will be responsible for breaking your heart into a million little pieces, and then rebuilding it.

A well timed hug, kiss or "I wuv you" will make the world a better place. Every time without fail.

You will rediscover joy in watching your child fall in love with what you love. The way Keiden's eye's light up when he sees books - magic.

That it'll be hard, challenging, have you questioning your sanity, but utterly worth it with each smile, laugh, hug, kiss, cuddle, and I wuv you.


  1. Oh yes! Well said. On the other hand I am so ready to say no to kiddies parties

    1. I think we'll be the parents who limit birthday parties. This weekend is a strange one for us, a weekend full of them.


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