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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Stray thoughts

Thirty seems to be the year of life truths for me. Nothing changes if nothing changes. Why not? Does it spark joy? And thoughts on friendship and boundaries.

I've realised that people don't fully understand what privilege is made up of. Case in point my friends who also bring up that they also grew up poor and didn't have a lot. They're missing the reality of being a person of colour. The constant stream of micro aggressions. They're never looked at suspiciously in shops, or treated like they work there when it's clear they don't. Never told you speak so well. Never squeeing with excitement when they realise that there are finally good mainstream tv shows to show their kid that there are people who look like him in media.

Something I don't get are people who just moan for the sake of moaning. Vent away, it heps. Then go do something. Nothing changes if nothing changes.

We attach shame to things to that make us happy. Why? It is ridiculous that we let others perceived conceptions get in our way. So in my small bit to counter that, here's a me truth for you. I read Mills & Boons (and swoons, as I call them). They are light, easy to read with a guaranteed happy ending. Plus they make it easy for me to get back into reading mojo.

Do you have something like that? If you'd like feel free to share :)


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