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Friday, 9 October 2015

Meet my friend in my computer: Zayaan from Surviving the Madness

Zayaan, is the grown-up I'd like to be. She is unapologetic about enjoying what she enjoys. Insecurity is not something that lives in her space. She jumps into all that she does with enthusiasm - can't find what she wants to get her son for his birthday, no problem she'll just make it.

I'm glad to have her on the other side of whatsapp to squee with about things.

Hi there, this is my friend Zayaan. Let's chat.

How did we meet?
We met at a Cape Town Blogger meet up, hosted by the wonderful Cindy Alfino. You sat opposite me with your cutie pie Keidan and we've been friends ever since.

What is blogging to you?
It's two-fold for me. Firstly it's for documenting these early years of my son's life, both for me and for family who don't get to see him often.

Then it's also about connecting with people, especially other moms. Parenting is hard! And it's cool to share experiences with other parents who might be going through the same thing or getting advice from others who've been through the trenches.

And like you say, you make friends along the way. I have made genuine and real life actual friends via blogging and social media.

Current favourite series, book and game
Series: Doctor Who
Book: This is a difficult and rude question...um, um... er... I'm going to go with The Dragonriders of Pern for now.
Game: Always World of Warcraft. I always go back no matter how many breaks I take. Although I'm pretty in love with Child of Light too. It's a beautiful game.

Warrior, rogue or mage?

Coffee or tea?
Always start the day with coffee. Afternoon tea (I'm a traditionalist it seems) and a cup of tea at night. Sometimes.

Food or sights when travelling
Sights. Whenever we travel anywhere it's really hard to find Halaal food so it's been all about the sights so far. I'm a history buff too, so I like seeing old places and experiencing new sights and sounds. But when we go to Malaysia one day it's going to be all about the food! Especially the giant prawns!!

What does a day need to be good for you?
Exchanging funny Tumblr posts with Robi (my bestie and other half), good music and cuddles with my boys.


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