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Monday, 5 October 2015

Meet my friend in my computer: Mandy from Pregnant in Cape Town & Ever After

Do I even need to do an introduction bit for Mandy? Her blog is the business and it seems that just like her, its got many fans.

Mandy, is warm, caring, friendly, open, happy to chat, incredibly hard working, and just all around great. Her warmth and the fact that she'll listen to you intently oozes out of her. I'm convinced that's why she always has the oddest how you know her stories - she picks up good people the way some of us gain weight just looking at cake.


Hi there, this is my friend Mandy. Let's chat.

How did we meet?
I twitter stalked you when we were pregnant because our bubbas were due a week apart and then I discovered we were originally due to have them in the same hospital.

Once Special K was born you kept me sane through the last of my pregnancy on Whatsapp and then when Charly was 2 months old we met in person for the first time. It was her first public appearance :)
K looks massive because of how I'm holding him
What is blogging to you? 
It is my own space on the Internet. I think I largely found my power in myself through blogging. Realising I had the ability to help and support people all over the world by just sharing and being there, changed my view of myself. 

Although it has evolved and grown, I still see it in that way - growing my audience, for me, is all about being able to reach and support more people. I also love that I can now share other people's stories and help people promote and grow their small businesses.

And then there's the fact that it had given me a space to document my entire journey through my pregnancy and growing with my baby girl that I will be able to return to forever. There's something precious to me in that.

And the people. There are no words for how much I value the relationships and friendships I have formed through my blog.

Current favourite series, book and game: 
Leaving Time, Jodi Picoult.
Fable 2 - nothing before or after has had the same hold on me.

Browncoat or Castillion ? Mal or Castle?
I cannot choose. Firefly is hugely symbolic in my relationship with my husband, to the point that we rewatch huge chunks of it every New Year's Eve :) We have also planned to name any little boy we have Nathan, so yeah...
And I think the last statement may make clear that we love Castle too. It's a show I never miss.

Coffee or tea?
Coffee. All. The. Coffee. But anyone who loves real coffee will hate me because I only like Nescafé, I don't like it strong and I like it with loads of milk

Food or sights when travelling?
Preferably both. I have strong attachments to things I have read extensively about or that have been imprinted in my mind by favourite series or movies, so sights hold huge sentimental space in my heart. While I wouldn't travel somewhere for the food specifically; I have excluded places because I know I won't eat the local food.

What does a day need to be good for you?
Ideally it needs to start 7am, anything earlier and I really struggle. I need hubby and I to be in a good loving space when he leaves for work and when we go to sleep. I need Charly to be happy and to have at least one hour quiet with her. I need to accomplish one big work goal a day and be on top of my admin across all my businesses.


  1. Coffee... with milk.. SKANDAAL!!!


  2. Ha! I only drink Ricoffy Decaf :) very occasionally!

    1. You and Mandy are coffee heathens :p Proper coffee is freshly made, not rehydrated dehydrated stuff ;)


Thanks for your comment :)

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