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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Meet my friend in my computer: Cath from sea.ess.em.jay

Cath plus words equals magic.

She is quietly kind,  she always has the right words, is utterly supportive, and does things that people say should be done, but they don't. When we were still in Durban, and Megan was in Jhb about to have Emma she put a package together for her. Yes, some of us gave some presents, but that was all Cath. She parents in a way that I aspire too - a  lot of the moms with older kids I'll introduce you to, do that. I've just realised that when I tell K to acknowledge those who greet him, it is a line I heard her tell Cam, when we bumped into them years ago. Good parenting lines it seems, just stay with you.
Hi there, this is my friend Cath. Let's chat

How did we meet?
​Online, but then in real life too. I blame-thank Twitter and blogging for everything.​

What is blogging to you?
​The way I feel about it has changed as it's become more and more mainstream (read: an advertising platform). I read less blogs than I used, I write fewer posts than I used to.. BUT, there's still a wealth of community and reality out there. It still exists, although it's populated by far more people nowadays. ​
Current favourite series, book and game
​Silicon Valley; The Mumsnet Rules and Skylanders Superchargers. ​
Music that moves you. Feel free to link, because I know you love a good music video ;)
​haha. Okay, this is hard. Right now though, it's this, made by my dear friend in the computer Dylan: http://three-cents.com/streaming-treehouse/
You and Cam, 10 years from now on a mom and daughter adventure. What, where, how?
​ Paris. ​
Coffee or tea?
​Coffee in the mornings, tea after lunch. ​
Food or sights when travelling
Both, please. ​
What does a day need to be good for you?
​I need to have achieved something, even if that achievement was ​just getting out of my pyjamas. haha. No, but seriously, it's that moment where I sit down at the diningroom table to eat dinner with my family, and I look at them. If a day has that moment in it, it's a beautiful day.


  1. Thank you for having me, my friend.

    This touched me in such a way. It's sticking with me, big time. X

  2. I think I know this Crazy Cath ... :P

    Wouldn't mind going to Paris as well. Shall I pack a bag?

    1. With you. My go to Paris bag is always ready :)

    2. With you. My go to Paris bag is always ready :)


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