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Thursday, 15 October 2015

Meet my friend in my computer: Briget from Because I Can

Briget, is all kinds of fun. She's funny, and willing to try most things once. I love how she finds a way to be interested in what her boys are interested in (anime and LANing come to mind), even if it is just to be sure she knows when to pre-empt a chat. She finds a way to inject a sense of fun and excitement in what she does. Tutus and nail art are her thing, even more so when you add pink to it.

With her you know you'll always land up having a great time no matter what you do - especially if you through karaoke into the mix ;).
Hi there, this is my friend Briget. Let's us chat.

How did we meet?
Ooh, that was such a looong time ago. I think it was officially via a durban tweetup, or perhaps it was a 27dinner. The mind is rusty these days. Hahaha.

What is blogging to you?
It is a creative outlet. I get to say a bunch of random things and then move on. I very seldom ever give anything a second thought once it is written down. I also enjoy the social engagement of strangers and friends alike. A way to connect with the world without having to put on a bra.

Sharing is my third name, with my blog being the catalyst for all to read and laugh at me as I try hopscotch the madness of life, love and everything inbetween.

Current favourite series, book and game
I have a huge bunch of favourite series, Orphan Black is right at the top next to Doctor Who!! I don’t play too many games except of course my facebook game criminal case.. which gets me through the boring moments while I wait for stuff to process/upload/respond. And reading currently is down to instruction manuals as I try figure everything out that the planet throws at me!
Stamping, stickers or free handing nail art?
Free hand.. I love LOVE freehand nail art. As well as freehand acrylic being my absolute favourite. I am not soo great at it yet, but I will keep trying until I get better. J

Your two favourite nail art designs ever.
My own? My van Gogh I did for the #31DC2015 and my Doctor Who nails I did a little while back for the #ppsanailchallenge.

Coffee or tea?
Coffee by the litre.. black, strong and bitter. Like the Telkom dude that refuses to fix my dsl line.

Food or sights when travelling
Yes, I am always on the lookout for food when travelling, how did you know?

What does a day need to be good for you?
It needs to be uninterrupted, with chocolate just placed discreetly in front of me when I need it and James Blunt serenading me while I am getting a footrub.


  1. Ah, Criminal Case... I remember when we used to take down the bad guys together, Bee. It's almost a year now since I hung up the badge ... You must be top brass by now!

    1. I am!!!
      My official rank is Commissioner!!!

      I miss my Inspector MeeA . Also, I need to perhaps stop playing this game. But then what do I do while I wait?


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