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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

For a moment there I forgot something important

That this is my space, so I can do what I like with it.

I'm someone who enjoys structure and routine. Tell me the way to follow something and I will, until I make it my own. So even though I'm not a fancy pants blogger there are some rules I've followed. The one most pertinent her is the one where you post a new part of a series once a week.

There's been the TED Thursdays, Word Wednesdays and Five for Friday. And for the most part it's worked. I've enjoyed, and it's allowed me to take full advantage of must get all the blog posts done moments. But right now, it's not working for me. And I love why it's not working.

I rather nervously asked some folks to take part in my friends in my computer thing, as a way to help me complete Quest 500. And the yes responses, and the answers to the questions have just made me feel all warm and fluffy.

As some friends pointed out, I wouldn't get to call these folks my friends in my computer if they said no. They're right. But you try convincing the insecure I'm a weirdo side of myself to not freak out every time I got a yes. Not happening.

Long story short, I am feeling all the warm and fluffy from know such great people that I figured why do one a week. This is my space, I do what I like with it.

And as such expect one of those for every day I have an answer for. Well except weekends, I figure this are great my 10 minutes to myself in the morning - or tea time or lunch time or whenever you read - reads. 

There will be other posts. After all I'm on Quest 500, but they'll happen when they happen. Some days might have two posts or more, others none. But there will be posts happening.


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