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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Five for today: The state of me

It turns out that sugar makes me really grumpy, and annoyed with everything really quickly. I've slid a little off the sugar free way for me, but from tomorrow that'll be something I get back on.

I've realised that for some odd reason I don't talk about gaming much here. Which is really strange as it is a big part of my life.

I'm so incredibly mean to myself, which makes it easy to just accept meanness from someone else. It so needs to change, but I know it'll take time.

Konmari is the business, and I so need to tell you guys more.

Anyone want to be my drink more water, stay away from sugar and do some exercise buddy? I find it easier to do things when I'm held accountable in some form.                                                                


  1. I can so do the drink more water and get more exercise bit - I have a half marathon coming up on 1 November and after a few false starts, I'm in training full swing. But the sugar is going to be a problem. I'll need to stock up on Chromium first and see if that helps the withdrawals... People don't believe me when I say this but I get many of the same withdrawal symptoms when I ditch sugar cold turkey as someone coming off heroine. Seriously. And I turn into a royal bitch, too.
    Also, definitely quit being mean to yourself!

    1. Sugar makes me mean, and short tempered. I've been so ragey lately, and I know it's due to me having had some. Yay for water and exercise buddy. You runner you :p


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