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Friday, 30 October 2015

A quick catch up

My reading mojo has returned with a bang. I'm in the midst of the Old Souls trilogy by Deborah Harkness. I am giving up sleep to read more, and just want to finish, but life won't let me.

I went to a free pilates class last night, and it just isn't for me. It was an easy class. I've been to many classes, and in my peak fitness the class I was attending then kicked my ass. This one was a good stretch session, but not for me.

Keiden has gotten into our number one play school pick :). This means, I can pick up more work, and get to bed a bit earlier.

The heat has been horrid. A fringe was a bad, bad idea for summer. Thank goodness for hairpins.

Today, I'll be donating blood. It'll be the first time since pre pregnancy that I'll do this. I'm so excited to be able to do this again, it is such a small thing to do, that helps others.

Here's an interview with me on SA Mom Blogs.

I'm loving orange nails. It's so bright, and happy, and summer.

#FeesMustFall has just gotten me all over. It so showed so strange beliefs people hold. Whacked out thinking, and a lot of apathy from people I didn't expect. Although my reaction to it has been surprising as well, I hadn't realised just how "political" I am. That said there currently isn't a party for me in SA politics.

Lately Keiden has been calling everything lovely or saying wow.

He is also clearly the kid of gamers. Anything vaguely dice shaped gets held, shook in his cupped hands, rolled , looked at carefully and followed by a yay :).

Meet my friend in my computer will return next week.


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