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Friday, 4 September 2015

Five for Friday

Our book quest has been going well, one of the junior librarians has been so awesome at finding books. There have been two that we've really enjoyed:


I'm listening to The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up (after Marcia was raving about it). And guys, I'm on chapter two, and I just want to get stuck into discarding, but I'm going to finish it first and then go for it. I might even go back to Pintrest for ways to better picture the end result I want.

I plan on getting Real Food, Happy Healthy Children this weekend. I'm so keen on finding more ways to keep my family on track with avoiding extra sugar. It's so easy to keep Keiden away from it, but Jerall and I really struggle. So I'm keen on something that will help us all.

In that light, we're trying the #SugarFreeSeptember thing. A few days late, but trying is better than not trying at all.

Meds has made such a difference. It's ridiculous. In the midst of it all I was so convinced it's not that bad at all, and now that the fog has lifted, I'm in shock just how much denial I had going on.


  1. I had all of the Grand Good Intentions at the beginning of this year for keeping my work space uncluttered and clear of stuff. HA! It has become a dumping ground, as always, for homework, bits of non-functional stationery (read: all the pens and stuff the kids steal from me and return once empty/broken/lid-less, etc.) and unfinished bits of all the random things I'm trying to get busy doing or done at any given time... Meh.I'm checking out "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying UP" now...

    1. That book is amazing. It has done just as the title says, it's life changing. Here's to clutter free spaces :)

  2. I am seriously considering reading the Konmari book. Believe me I need all the help I can get

    1. Do it Cat, do it. I'm tackling papers next, will be blogging about clothes and books. It is amazing, and I'm so inspired to carry on doing this.


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