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Friday, 11 September 2015

Five for Friday: Things that spark joy

This wall of Keiden happened because of de-cluttering. I got things finished that have been waiting for ages.

Finally put the faceblocks up. This side of the bookcase faces the front door.

A Book Owl delivery.

Wedding photos up on our bedroom wall, instead of in an album packed away and not enjoyed.

New milk frother of awesome, hot morning coffee ftw!

*The photos of Keiden, are all ones I've shared before. If you were wondering about my no pics of Keiden privacy stance.


  1. Yay for joy sparks (again)!
    We are also slowly getting there. My office has moved back to where it used to be; David cleaned out and sorted our little storage room/pantry down the passage tonight and I did a big cleanup of my clothing/personal cupboard not long ago...

    1. Yay for changes. The best part is yours sound visible...and it's the big visible change that keeps you going.

  2. Oh I love the photos on the walls! It's so rewarding to do something in the house

    1. That it is, it makes the space feel more like home.


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