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Friday, 14 August 2015

Five for Friday

The upright book is called Table Mountain's Holiday, it's from Bumble Books.

I've mentioned my love for The Book Owl before, and it needs to be repeated. This month's box is just amazing. I had been eyeing up those BabyLit board books for Keiden before, so getting one in the box was a great surprise. If you're ever at a loss for a great gift, or just getting books for your little this is the way to go.

For about a week now Keiden has come to us, said bum and walked to his room to go get a nappy change. He gets amendment about it happening now, and when we're out he grabs his bag (which he knows has the nappies in it) and goes to a spot to be changed. So we'll be starting the potty training process. I'm not expecting him to be potty trained quickly, but for me this is more about us listening to him when he says he's uncomfortable. So yes, right now we're going through all the nappies rapidly, but my kid knows his parents listen to him when he says he's unhappy.

I've been accepted into the post grad programme I applied for. So from next year, I'll be a student again. It's the first step of many into becoming Dr Cassey.

I've started on an antidepressant and so far, it's just made me really, really sleepy. So much so that I'v napped with Keiden. But it's early days, and I'm to give it some more time for that effect to pass.

I've noticed a lot of people commenting on other people's outrage. Often the statements are about there's a bigger problem. My issue with that is that it's not an either or situation. And what gives anyone the right to police someone else's thoughts and feelings. It's simple really, don't engage on the matter if it doesn't work for you.


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