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Friday, 28 August 2015

Five for Friday: Keiden Edition

Busy monkey leaving a trail of destruction and toys in his wake.
Keiden is in the midst of a language explosion. There are new words everyday [booko, nanana, yummy, tummy, too, you] and he's expanding on things he has been saying for a while now. He went from wuv you to mommy wuv you [the same day he told me that, he said wuv you to a little girl at the park :'( ].

The language explosion has been accompanied with back chat. Before, when I'd tell him to put his toys away he'd say no, or try to cute his way out of it with a love you. This week he's started telling me busy, he's too busy to pack away his toys :0

He seems to be embracing his clown side, pulls funny faces, and does all sorts of things to get a laugh. Sadly for me, this also includes him making all sorts of fart sounds and laughing about it - I blame Jerall, he taught him farts are funny by laughing every time K farted. He also trolls us, at the library he's picked out a teeth brushing book when he wasn't into that, and this week a potty training one :-/.

Potty training is going ok-ish. He's weed in the toilet four times in the past two weeks. A runny tummy derailed the progress. The thing that gets me is he knows he's doing his business, he tells us pipi while doing so, then walks to his room. He's not at all shy to tell anyone and everyone bum - Keiden speak for finished my business, change my nappy.

His independent streak is continuing to grow. He'll run off the other direction to where we're going, hang up laundry, pack way clothes, and 9 times out of 10 happily feed himself using cutlery.


  1. Oh he is growing up so very fast mom! And the farting doesn't stop! They still think it's funny at 7

    1. I figured the parting doesn't stop, J is 32 and still finds it funny ;)

  2. We're about to start potty training! Any special tips on what's worked for you? My first time potty training a boy!

    1. We're still finding our way. I suspect you might have an easier time because B is older than K. We're just focusing on responding every time he says pipi or bum, sometimes we get to the toilet, most times it's change the nappy time. If you have tips, I'm all ears.


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