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Friday, 10 July 2015

Things that made me think this week

This post by Shell Shocked Mummy, on finding out that adoptive parents don't get maternity leave. She has a post on bonding with her kid, and a petition for getting adoptive parent the same maternity rights as those of us who've gotten our kids the other less paper filled way.

This storify on privilege. Especially, the part that we are not vaccinated from forms of privilege when there are areas in which we are oppressed *cough* maternity leave as a privilege *cough*.

This, on how consent is continuous. How we're told, and buy into love being expressed physically. Actually, that entire tumblr has posts that just get you pondering - for me it's often what is so wrong with us that we let ourselves treat each other so poorly.

This shows the length of some movies when you only included lines spoken by people of colour...for those in the example a minute or so is the longest.

This, on how maybe white people really don't see race - they don't see theirs. As in white default and everything else is other. Meanwhile, people of colour are made aware of it in more often than not painful experiences.

This, with two different takes on parenting instincts.


  1. Thanks for the mention Cassey and also for pointing me to some good reading material :)


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