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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

It's all mine, again

My body that is.

It's a few days till Keiden turns 18 months and he is fully weaned. Breastfeeding has been both hard and easy. Hard in getting started, being the food factory, and dealing with being bitten and clawed at with every feed and whenever Keiden wanted milkies. Easy, when combined with co-sleeping the night wakes were less disruptive for me, and it was an easy way to soothe him and get him to sleep.

The weaning process took three long weeks. The day nap feeds were the first and the hardest to drop. It meant up to three hour long crying battles with him pulling at my clothes. But we found our way, and now  - beside the occasional bad day - it's read a story, sit with him for ten minutes and he's out.

Bedtime, during the night and first thing in the morning feeds have been easier. It's largely because of Jerall. The bedtime routine for a few months has been bath, feed, story with daddy and sleep. So we just had me stop being around once he was out of the bath. And Jerall has spent a few nights sleeping in Keiden's room, to settle him when he wakes at night - because K still pulls at my clothes and sticks his hand down my top. The overarching policy is to not tempt him with what he can't have.

After over two years of making sure what I did with it, or put in it wouldn't hurt someone else, it feels great to have my body all to myself again.*

*Thanks Liz for saying it's okay to not feel bad about it being over.


  1. ah crumbs I wish I could stop breastfeeding, maybe I should pick up some tips from you but I struggle to say no, although it's very little now, he seems to need it as a sleep association initially then he turns over and goes to sleep.

    1. I feel you lady. For me, it was just too much. I got so touched out, and started to feel resentful of it all. If it's not time for you to stop, it's not time for you to stop.

      Be warned though, the sleep association is the big battle.

  2. YAY for having your body back - let's party ;) Just joking. But well done to you and K for making it out the other end.

  3. Well done for breastfeeding for 18 momths! Kade self weaned at 6 months and I weaned Gems at 4 months due to being back at work and even after those short stints having my body back was bliss :)

    Enjoy it!

    1. Thanks lady, I am. Been having all the caffeine all the time :)


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