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Monday, 6 July 2015

Book quest: Looking for books where the kids look like mine

Recently, Tauriq Moosa left Twitter for a bit because he got harassed for saying he'd like to see people who look like him in games. What does this have to do with looking for books where the kids in it look like mine? A lot.

We've become so used to seeing white as the default norm, that we're doing ourselves and our kids a disservice. We're all entitled to see someone who looks like us in the media we consume. So I got to thinking about the books we read to Keiden. None of those we own have a person of colour in it, let alone an Asian kid in it. Yes, Keiden doesn't have a lot of the stereotypical Chinese features, but I haven't seen any kid picture books in stores or the library with a kid in it who isn't white.

Hair colour and eye colour differences, but not one that isn't white. Freaking scary. By not seeing yourself in books, games, tv or movies it's like the world is telling you, you don't exist. That's not okay for my kid, and it's not okay for me. Especially, because we live in a town where the people are predominantly pale, and I get comments on how well I speak, and my husband is always asked where he's from.

My book quest now is to find books for Keiden to read where the characters look like him and his dad, and ones where they look like me. I've found some lists on the internet, but would love some recommendations.


  1. Hmmm... I'd be interested to read about your experiences with this.

  2. Glad you found a book, will be nice to see more children's authors include characters from all backgrounds and also with disabilities. The only cartoon I know with a child in a wheelchair or with a disability is South Park!

    1. The scary part is that we need to hunt things down. I'll build a list, and hopefully everyone gains from it :)


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