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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

The Book Owl, is amazing, and just what you (and your kid) need

Recently, Tanya wrote a review about The Book Owl. Being a book loving family, I took a look. Everything I saw there hit just the right notes, and so I've ordered the 3 month subscription for Keiden.

The order arrived today, and I'm jut so pleased with it. This entire experience has just been amazing from start to finish. Kirsten is such a pleasure to deal with. I had mentioned in the notes box that Keiden has many Julia Donaldson books, but didn't list them and she checked with me what he does have.

When there was a slight hiccup with her new couriers, that meant the books wouldn't arrive in a box as mentioned on the sight, she immediately let me know. That customer first move meant that I wouldn't have an unexpected surprise when the order arrived. In an age where it feels as if customer service is no longer a priority for retailers, this just enhanced my desire to support this business even more.

The books are individually wrapped, waiting for Keiden to wake up. There is a letter addressed just to him about the books he's received, an activity sheet for him - and a colouring in page for me too :) - and a letter with some tips and tricks to do while reading this to Keiden.

I love that it's addressed to K.

The whole order - books, letters, colouring in pages.

I can not stress just how much this has been an absolutely wonderful experience. It's worked so well that the it's going to be the go to present for the littles in our lives.

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    1. It is. I'd love something like this for all ages. All present buying for everyone would be sorted ;)


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