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Sunday, 21 June 2015

On fathers

On this day that is a celebration of all that fathers bring to our lives I'm reminded that I don't have a dad. Sure, I have a biological father, the man who I thought was my father till older cousins maliciously told me otherwise (not that it was a loss, he is not a winner of a man), a stepfather, and a really great uncle, but a dad I do not have.

I read what others have written about warm, loving and special relationships and I'm jealous...I don't have that. But such is life, and so I must just remember that all I didn't have is what I want for Keiden.

And he has the best dad. Jerall is the best dad ever. [Yes, we all say this about our husbands, and it's true for all, but seriously my guy wins ;)] Keiden loves his daddy, he gets a massive smile on his face when he hears the keys in the gate and rushes over to bounce excitedly while he waits for him to come in. They build towers together, laugh at farts and most importantly hug a lot.

So, yes my dad situation is the suck...but Keiden's isn't, and that's something great.


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