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Monday, 22 June 2015

Jumbled ramble

It has been a rather quiet weekend for us. We didn't see any of our people and just mostly hung around at home. Besides when we headed out for food and romper stomping. Both Saturday and Sunday lunch were meals out. On Saturday we went to one of my old favourite places in Stellenbosch, we hadn't been there since moving because it's smaller and always full.

But now that the students are gone, and town is lovely. Places aren't packed to the rafters all the time, and you can manage to get a table. Sunday we tried somewhere new. Both meals were lovely, but mostly I'm really happy to know that an old favourite is still as good as I remembered it to be.

Exam season, and now the semester break has meant that town is just lovely. It is so wonderful walking around, and not feeling that crowded. Although it is also a bit annoying as a few places have closed till August. Others have been a bit more sensible and remembered that the town isn't only filled with students, they've just amended trading hours and what they serve.

I've been thinking about why I keep on failing at the #30daysofyoga I started in January. I've realised it's because I haven't set a time to do it. So I figure I need to do it in the morning. Sadly, that means giving up on some sleep. And that's going to be tough. Our weekday morning routine is a thing of beauty - I get an extra 20 to 30 minutes. Jerall gets up, takes a usually awake Keiden and they do morning stuff. J changes K's nappy, gives him some water and gets him playing for a bit while he sorts out breakfast. The plan is for me to get up and do yoga while this is going on. It should work. I'll let you know if it does.

Making it a bit trickier is that we're all sleeping extremely poorly lately, Keiden is cutting four teeth. The trouble is that he deals well with it during the day - he just gets extra clingy, and cuddly  - so we skips meds during the day. But at night he wakes up screaming, often*. And then we need to fight with him.

He hates taking medicine so much. He either grits his mouth shut, or does a gurgle spit out the meds thing - we use a syringe, but he still manages to spit it out. Then he doesn't let you get close to his mouth to use anything that is applied to his gums. It's just all kinds of awful for him. And we know that he feels bad because he lets us hold him while he's falling asleep - normally he doesn't like it at all. Some folks have given me great ideas for what to try to get the meds in, now we just need to use them.

*It is utterly heartbreaking listening to your child moan in their sleep.


  1. Oy! I remember struggling with getting meds down little throats. :(
    I found that the syringe worked best, but you've got to get the technique down - and it's not pretty or fun.
    Good luck! Hugs for the little man. x

    1. Our syringe technique is terrible...it takes both of us to get something down his throat :(


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