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Friday, 19 June 2015

Five for Friday: Our trip to Port Elizabeth

We did a long weekend in Port Elizabeth because we hadn't been down there in years, and figured Keiden should see his grandparents for longer than a day and a bit.

The nephews are so busy, ALL THE TIME*. Keiden had a ball trying to play and keep up with them. The older one N (soon to be 5) had so much patience with him, it comes from having a little brother. His brother B (soon to be 3) had moments of playing happily with Keiden, but also a few of wanting to go play somewhere Keiden couldn't get to.

J has finally admitted that K has more than a passing resemblance to him. It only took him seeing the three boys together to see it. The nephews take after their dad, N more than B, and J and his brother have such a strong resemblance that either of them could be out with the others kid and folks would say that kid belongs to him.

PE is one of the bigger SA cities, but man does it have all of the small town vibes. We went to a great play spot, it was a mix of a petting zoo and just lots of room for kids to run around.

Long car rides with a little are tough. I'm just glad that Keiden doesn't seem to have my motion sickness issues, and that I didn't need much meds to survive the drives.  There's a great restuarant at the Sasol in George to stop at if you have kids with you, it has a decent sized outside play area - it helped K work off some of his grumps both times.

*They very effectively reinforced our one is more than enough plan.


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