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Friday, 26 June 2015

Five for Friday: Keiden Update Edition

Keiden is big into walking now. He still has moments of speed crawling when he's very excited to get to something, but for the most part he walks around everywhere - with a massive pleased with himself smile on his face.

He has decided that maybe forks aren't that bad. I think seeing his cousins use forks when we were in PE triggered it. He would grab Jerall's fork, stab some potato onto it, bring the fork closer...and then take the potato off to eat with his hand :). He's getting there though.

He seems to have more awareness of self now. Often when babbling away he will point at himself. We often get these bath time lectures from him, I think he's giving us parental performance reviews, and there'll be lots of finger wagging at us, and pointing at himself. It's as if he's saying "I would not do things this way parents."

This self awareness has also translated into him wanting to do more to dress himself. He hasn't quite figured it out yet, but he often tries to put his socks and shoes on. Admittedly after he's taken them off, but hey I'll take the move towards independence.

He has also taken to wanting to help me hang up laundry. It slows me down, but gosh it is the cutest thing when he takes something out the basket and passes it to me to hang up, or tries to hang it onto the clothing horse.

And another one: this week he started building towers - up to 5 blocks before smashing them down - and yesterday he put a puzzle piece in the right slot :D. I'm having all the proud mommy feels.


  1. Aw man our babies are growing up. He sounds so cute :)

    1. It's ridiculous how quickly the baby part s being left behind.

  2. Ahhh cute, man!
    Kids who are allowed to contribute by helping in the home from very early on tend to become self-sufficient, hard-working adults. Go, you!

    1. Didn't know that. Yay for that :D


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