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Monday, 4 May 2015

The weekend that was

As I mentioned in my Five for Friday post, J and I were going to go see Age of Ultron. I really enjoyed the movie, but all the set up for Captain America: Civil War, just gave me all the feelings. I've read Civil War, and have some very strong feelings about some characters, and I think there are parts of the movie that will be really tough.

But hey, that was just one thing that was part of the long weekend there was more to it ;). When we went to go watch the movie, K stayed with his ah-ma, aunt,uncle and cousin - my mil was staying at my sil's. The first little while went well, they said, but as it got later and he got tired it started going downhill. We went to an 11:00 showing, so K was to have lunch with them...and he flat out refused to eat. It was the strangest thing ever, we lucked out and K eats really well, so for him to refuse to eat 0_o. It was only almost an hour after we returned that he decided to eat, and even then it wasn't to his usual standard [ he eats more breakfast than his dad, has his oats, and follows it with a banana]. Post all the K food drama we visited friends and managed to play a board game before heading for home.

On Saturday  - J's birthday - we started with day with dim sum and boa for breakfast. Spent part of the morning not doing much before heading off to Root 44 where we met up with the mil, sil and niece. We had such tasty food, and had a very relaxed late morning and early afternoon. We then decided to push our/K's boundaries. Because he had a late nap we decided to have supper out at a place that only opened at 18:30.

We went to Makaron at Majeka House. A friend recommend the restaurant, and went with us. It was a bonus that they happened to love our friend there. I think it helped smooth the having a baby long feathers. K behaved so well, the late nap helped avoid any tired crankiness, and the staff were just lovely. We had a great evening with the most amazing food - if you go do try the oxtail bitterballen starter, the kale veloute is something I don't have the words to describe. My mains of duck was good, but I've had better. J's kodu main was buttery soft, and melt in the mouth moreishiness. J's starter of sweet potato cake was devoured by K, he wasn't interested in mine at all. And we got K bathed and in bed before 21:00, without any issue...so occasionally pushing his boundaries can work.

Sunday involved grocery shopping, and visits from friends. A calm end to a fairly busy weekend.

How was your long weekend?


  1. A belated happy birthday to Mr J. Sounds like a good weekend, overall. :)


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