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Tuesday, 5 May 2015


In a quest to find my creative thing, I've bought a ukulele. I figure if it doesn't work for me at least J and eventually K will be able to give it a whirl - he's already fascinated by it, and my poor attempts at strumming. Any recommendations on YouTube channels will be most welcomed.

I talked myself out of getting a great blue one 0_o
If the ukulele doesn't turn out to be my creative thing, I'm taking suggestions on what I can try next. This finding my creative thing quest is going on because I realised I don't really have a creative something, and I figure having one might help me with my silly moments. Yes, I game, read and cook, but for me table top rpg's have always been more about the shared narrative and doing something fun, rather than engaging my creative brains. The other games I play are also about world immersion, and my part in that is directing conversations or building sims or cities, not making something new. Reading had me picturing things as they are described, and cooking is often guided by what I know will work. So really the creative something is about finding a fun that I don't know yet.

K had his 15 month shots today and was a champ, he didn't cry...barely seemed to notice he was getting them. He has also finally started to use his push wagon, so hopefully he'll be brave enough to take a solo step soon. He likes walking if he has hands to hold.

When I shared the K shot news with the group of moms from our antenatal class there was suddenly a rash of leaving the group messages. Which I could've taken personally, but I get that it's just about not meshing. Beyond sharing the antenatal class, we don't have anything in common. I don't parent the way they do, and they don't seem to get why I do what I do. So it's no loss, I'm just peeved at myself for not leaving ages ago.

On the parenting style note, my sil put it best "Too hippie for most, but not hippie enough for the hippies." [I'm not putting shade on anyone's style - I don't get other's choices and they don't get mine, it is what it is.] Whereas with some other moms I've befriended, we do have different parenting styles, but other things in common, so it just makes it all easier.

Do you engage in parenting style conversations or just focus on what you have in common with other parents? And what is your creative thing?


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