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Friday, 22 May 2015

Five for Friday

I may have made a mommy friend at the park. The process of figuring out if I did, is so scary. I'm plagued by do I message, when do I do so, what tone should I take - messaging when next we go to the park, with something along the lines of we're going to the park, want to join us? This anxiety is probably not that dissimilar to dating. Social interactions are so awkward, I'm still wondering just how much of a dork I was.

A week or two ago I saw a tweet that said "If you see something that you can do in 2 minutes do it." I've been working at doing just that, and when I do do it, it's great. So much so that I feel silly for not doing so when I should.

Keiden has been sleeping in his room at night for about a week, and I think he's finally settled. We had some big bedtime battles, but they seem to be settling down. The night wakes aren't easier for me, getting out of bed instead of just reaching over and taking him out of the cot means I wake more, but I do think he's self settling some times. Before when he was in the room with us I would get him just as he started murmuring, since he's moved I get to him as he starts climbing out of his bed* (it might be later than other wakes, or it could be the darkness of winter...I'm opting for it being a bit later).

I have figured out why I'm uneasy with being told having a kid is an accomplishment. To me, that thinking is driven by seeing your child as an extension of yourself, when s/he is not. Your kid is a person wholly unto themselves. The accomplishment comes when they're older, and you've done your job as a parent by raising someone who finds their own way in the world, and isn't a total ass. Your parental status is not an accomplishment. And besides finding accomplishment in being able to procreate takes away from those parents who birthed their child in their hearts.

And last, but certainly not least the giveaway winner is, Issi. I will mail you with your voucher details.

*It's a floor mattress, mister-rolls-around-a-lot would have big trouble in a bed on a base.


  1. I also find cultivating friendships way harder than I think I should be. Best of luck with the sleep thing

    1. The thing with growing-up, everything that we thought be easier now...isn't.

  2. Do it. Invite the mom. Make an effort at least once and take it from there. I wrote about this...I have about 108 friendship posts on my blog...

    1. I did, it worked the first time. But they didn't join us at the park the next time :-/


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