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Wednesday, 15 April 2015


There are a few people using the Currently format, but I first spotted it on Cindy's blog. Anyhow, this format does seem to be just the right trick to help you with that "I should write a post, but brain" feeling, so here goes.

Watching:  Daredevil, which is just a touch too real for me, but something both J and I can watch. I've just finished watching The 100...it has bad and good moments, but I want to read the books so that I can have Bellarke.

Reading: The Thursday Next series by Jasper Fforde.

Listening: Mostly podcasts, particularly Rachel and Miles X-Plain the X-Men, and the soundtracks of Empire and Nashville.

Doing: Chores, reading, sometimes yoga.

Contemplating: My MA application, how to be more environmentally friendly - the block has recycling, hence those thoughts. What I can to do to break my current mode of "bleh, I can't do anything/won't accomplish anything". And if we should get a wonder bag or a small gas stove. Do I really need a coat for winter, or would a blazer, denim jacket and wind breaker suffice? Keiden's digital footprint and privacy - how much do I share about him, how many photos, what can I do that won't be an issue for him when he's older and managing it all for himself?

What's your currently like?


  1. Oh I love these currently posts - think I also need to do one again. I have moved mostly faceless with Instagram, the blog and twitter for the kids - also do not use their real names.

    1. The currently posts are lovely, and it helps with the urge to post, but you don't know what to post about.

      For me, it's a bit late to not use K's name. Faceless pics might be an option, but sometimes I just want everyone to see how darn cute he is :0


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