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Friday, 20 March 2015

Five for Friday

K had some finger painting fun. More landed up on his chair and him than the canvas :)

Last week I sent off an e-mail to the MA co-ordinator at the university, and still haven't heard back. Each day has added another layer to the giant ball of anxiety that started as soon as I sent the e-mail. Right now, I'm struggling with what I should say in a new e-mail. I figure the old one got lost in a flood of mail.

Recent chats with friends have been about the insecurities that women always seem to have. I see it as a form of impostor syndrome. I also think it's why people are so anxious - we're always worried about being found out as not good enough. And this probably needs a post on it's own, it's just been on my mind because of the unanswered e-mail.

Check out Habit RPG, it's a great tool that has gamified habits, and to-do lists in order to help you get things done. So far, I've managed to scale back on my recent "eat all the carbs" habits. And all the stairs are mine ;)

I love watching the rap battles on YouTube. I recently found Princess Rap Battle...and it's just great. This one speaks to the geek, but be sure to check out Cinderella vs Belle - Sarah Michelle Geller is Cinderella.


  1. Gosh the imposter problem is probably my biggest downfall in life!

    1. I hear you. For me it enables me to not do things because I tend to think I'll fail so why even bother.


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