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Thursday, 8 January 2015


Yesterday's post was odd for me. I had no clear idea of what I wanted to say, how I wanted to say anything, but it had to out. I don't enjoy writing like that, when things come gushing out and I have no control of it, it's odd and very unsettling.

Today is just a catch-up with what's going on with some thoughts/plans included.

Jerall was on leave for three weeks, and it was amazing just having another person around. Not just having a baby to talk to during the day does wonders for my mood. I only had a week of no work, but still it was better than no break at all. We also hit a bunch of firsts for Keiden: beach, Kirstenbosch, lego exhibit and a sleep over.

Someone enjoyed the sand.

Keiden's first Christmas was not that exciting for him; we had to start unwrapping his gifts to get him unwrapping them. He did however, as usual, enjoy all the food :). His first New Year's Eve was a bit rough, he had a cold, but we stayed over at friend's and the sleep over part went well.

I'm ten days away from turning thirty, and having a few pity parties. It's because according to my plan for what a grown-up should be at thirty...that's not me at all. I'm working on changing the plan, or at least being a bit okay with how that's not me. 

We make plans, and life happens despite it.

But I'm still a person who likes making plans. Only I'm not the best at sticking to them fully. Which got me thinking about all those folks who talk about a word for the year. Typical me I don't have a word, I have a phrase...and not just one, but two 0_o. Stick To It, and the other is Me Too.

As I mentioned yesterday I'm feeling buried under parenthood. So I need to remember to consider me and what I want too. I always put my guys first, and it's become a habit that I find myself doing the same with everyone else. Yes, I take less bull from people, but if it's easier and I don't crazily care, then I do what others want. 

It used to be that some things just weren't the fight, but now it feels like everything isn't worth the fight.

Hence my phrases: I can't get Me Too right if I don't Stick To It.


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