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Friday, 30 January 2015

Now you are one

Dear Keiden,

You're one today. I can't believe that it's been a whole year since the day we met you. Monkey, you were the tiniest little person, your feet were smaller than my thumbs. You've held daddy and me captive since that first moment. Even now, we're still taking peeks at you at night when you're sleeping - a bit more of that would be good too, by the way.

This is from your first day home. You were so tiny, you barely fit across daddy's lap.
I've not been the best at keeping track of the day you did something for the first time, but I do know that we'll always remember them. You've had many firsts Keiden, the best of which was you smiling and laughing. Everyday you and I have a tickle fest, and you laughing at a silly face I make just makes my day. Right now though, you find me going "Sheep go baa baa" to be the funniest thing ever. Which I'm hoping balances out daddy teaching you that farts are funny.

You went through a stick your tongue out phase, although I think I got you mid laugh in this photo.
Monkey you love books, it makes me so happy. Everyday we read together, your favourites right now are Toddle Waddle and Rocket Racers. When we read Toddle Waddle it's always at least two reads. If we're not reading to you, you're very happy to take a book or two off the shelf and read by yourself. It's something I hope you keep on enjoying.

Sometimes one book at a time isn't enough.
You love food, bath time and when I hold you upside down. There hasn't been anything that you tried that you didn't like. You love cheese, fish, bananas, avo and finishing daddy's smoothies. I think bath time is one of your favourite times of day, because it's you and daddy time. You love your daddy so much, love. When you hear the garage door close you start making your way to the door to wait for him. And then start bouncing on the spot when you see your daddy.

Keiden you're friendly most of the time, you'll happily go off with anyone - but you do prefer the ladies, even better if they're blonde - but when you're done with people you're done. You hide away or push people's hands away when you've had enough. I hope you remember to do that for yourself. On Monday you got waving hello and bye-bye down, and when we went to the shops everyone got a wave.

Keiden when you're grumpy, you are grumpy - something you got from daddy, I'm sure. Nothing has your stubborn streak showing more than when you're having a grumpy. Often it's because I won't let you do something dangerous, like climb onto the table from a chair or my lap...and you'll keep on trying until we leave the room. Monkey, keeping on trying is really good, but you should balance that out with not doing things that'll hurt, okay?

You are such a busy little guy. You go everywhere, and you love unpacking all the cupboards and drawers...every day, often. So I often wonder why we even buy you any toys. You love telling stories, you are a regular chatter box. The words you have now (in order of which came first) are: baba, mama, dada, hmmm [ which you use for food & water], and your versions of yay [it's a higher pitched aah] and hi. You use them, or the start of the word to babble away. You like talking to people on the phone, but of course talking to daddy is best.

Keiden you are an affectionate little guy. You give hugs, big wet kisses and tummy kisses. Fortunately for mommy you also like getting hugs, kisses depend on your mood. The only person who gives a hug as good as yours is daddy.

Without a doubt you've changed daddy and I. And I'm sure we're both better people because of you. There are some big changes coming, but I know you'll be fine.

Love you,


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