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Friday, 23 January 2015

Five for Friday: Catch Up Edition

On Sunday I turned 30. I've been assured it's the best decade, so we'll see how it goes. My usual birthday angst only hit me in a big way after my birthday. The day itself was great: good food, time with friends and great presents.

The presents deserve their own spot. I got books, books, vouchers for books, amazing tea, the very thoughtful gift of time in the form of pop in the oven meals, jewellery - which I am to pick out this weekend - and an early present of awesome.
This is a canvas of one of my favourite wedding photos. Best early birthday present ever, from the best husband :p

The day had an extra sheen to it because we found a flat, in Stellenbosch, where we'll be living come the end of February because Jerall has a new job.

Although I'm very excited about the move, and the new job for Jerall...it sparked off some post birthday angst. It did so because I'm jealous of Jerall. His current job has pulled out all the stops to get him to reconsider leaving. Hence my jealousy, I've never had that kind of professional experience. It also added angst in the "I'm supposed to be a grown up, why don't I have career stuff sorted?" line of thought. Which then got added to by Keiden having particularly difficult moments lately - so you know I then felt like a failure of a mommy. Such fine thoughts my brain keeps throwing my way.

In a week I won't have a baby any more, I'll have a toddler 0_o. The time has just disappeared, well except for the hours between 16:00 - and 19:00 everyday, those seem to last a lifetime. Keiden's birthday picnic is all planned, now I just need to do a test bake of his sugar free cake  - well it's added sugar free, as it has bananas and sultanas in it - this weekend, and find a piece of fabric that fits his theme to act as a picnic blanket.


  1. Happy happy Bday! And all the best for a wonderful year

  2. Aw, I'm glad you had a good day on the day! I woke up to a special flapjack breakfast (gluten free!) and little gifts from the kids, chocolates and sweeties and trail mixes for when I run... Then David and I headed out to Melrose Arch for the launch of the Opel Adam. We got to test drive it and check out all the bells and whistles - it's an awesome little car! Happy Birthday again & good luck for the move to Stellenbosch!

    1. You gluten free winner you :). My guys made me a fancy breakfast with smoked salmon :0 Also the test drive sounds like a fun, not everyday perfect for birthdays thing to do.

  3. Happy happy birthday - so sorry I missed wishing you on the day. Flip that awesome that you'll be moving out that way (I love that area) I'm sure and K will love it there. So much to do together. You may not have the professional side sorted, but you know what? That's OK. You have been dedicating your time to looking after and teaching your precious boy and we all know that this is a job in itself!xoxox

    1. Thanks lady. Well weekend birthday's tend to get missed, so no worries. The move shall be exciting. Aww thanks, but the lack of a professional side has been a problem before K showed up. One day I'll be a proper grown up ;)


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