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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Writers Boot Camp Day 2: My 5 favourite words in English (or any other language)

For some reason thinking of 5 words is throwing me for a loop, which is weird given how much I love reading. I'm just going to go with what ever pops into my head first.
  1. Daijoubu - it's more a phrase, but it is one of the few words I picked up from watching tons of anime that sticks with me, and it both asks and answers a question.
  2. Foeterasie - it's an Afrikaans word that covers a person's fondness for all the finicky details. I find that Afrikaans can be incredibly beautiful and descriptive language, and this word covers its descriptive nature wonderfully.
  3. Monkey - a pet name J and I throw around for each other, and Keiden.
  4. Yay - it's a word that can convey a lot, or t least in the way that I use it. And it's just so happy.
  5. Insidious - it was part of my preferred phrases to mutter to myself when dealing with the unpleasantness that was high school. I'd always wimp out of actually calling someone insidiously asinine, but just knowing that there were a few people I could call that, and not have them know what I was saying helped.
Looking at this list it's very clear that I am indeed a very strange fish ;).

If you want to take part in the boot camp just follow @writersbootcmp, a new topic is given every day at 18:00 SA time.


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