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Monday, 30 June 2014

Catching up

  • Picture of Keiden to help ease the "It's a post" shock.
  • Bullet points...I enjoy using them.
  • Keiden's lumps were first thought to be lipoma, but they actually are a cold abscess caused by the tb vaccine.
  • The rash is a precursor to eczema, but we're getting it under control.
  • Tomorrow we start solids 0_o.
  • K is laughing so much now, it is one of the best sounds ever. Our clinic sister calls this phase the baby honeymoon, they're all super cute and interacting with the world.
  • Life has had a few bad moments; two friends passed away. One from cancer, and the other had a fatal asthma attack. Both were in their early thirties...people are not supposed to die that young.
  • The guilt ebbs and flows, but I'm starting to recognise it as part of what happens when you compare your normal to that which people present to the world.
  • Tomorrow I'm starting a post every day of July challenge, I'm hopeful that it'll get me back on track with posting.
  • My baby is five months old today...time is zooming by. 

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