Thursday, January 23, 2014

Those resolution things

Yes, I know that January is almost done...and it seems a bit late for a resolution. Only this isn't a resolution per say, it's more of a has to happen. I've decided that 2014 is the year I make peace with my hair.

I have thick, unruly, almost curly hair. Every time I wash it it takes me about two and a half hours to flat iron it. I don't blow dry, that'll just take too long, so I make two buns and let it dry like that during the day. Then of course there'll be top up flat irons between washes so that my hair can carry on looking semi decent.

Sure making peace with my hair might not seem like a big deal, or very hard to do, but when you've grown up with lots of emphasis placed on hair it's very hard to let go of certain thoughts. The state of my hair is so important to me, that even if I'm wearing something I know I look good in, and am having a good day it won't matter because my hair isn't looking good. I worry that I'll be considered a mess because my hair is a mess. Jerall will call me beautiful and I'll shrug it off because hair is a mess.

I'm hoping that with the arrival of Keiden it'll be easier to just deal with my hair. I won't be able to worry about it because I won't have time...and I'll just be too tired to deal with. Maybe I will be able to respond to my inner critic with "It doesn't matter, it's just hair."

Does the state of your hair bother you as much as mine does me?

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