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Thursday, 12 December 2013

4am thinking

So here I am trying to fall back asleep since 02:00, and it's just not working.  I start pondering all sorts of things. One such thing being should I or shouldn't I do that blog challenge currently doing the rounds.

04:00 self goes: "I really should blog more...actually there's lots I should be doing more of. Why aren't I?" And because it's 04:00 I conduct a full conversation with myself.

"Well basically top level reasoning is I won't get to be lazy one Keiden is here. Then I suppose if we have to go deeper..."

"We do."

"Then there's the I want to be more, but more what. And how do I figure out what it is, and what my one talent is - you know that one thing you're good at."

"And...there's more isn't there?"

"Well...fear. Really, isn't it better to just be; rather than to try and fail?"


Yeah, 04:00 me has all the questions, but none of the answers...typical.

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