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Friday, 29 November 2013

Thoughts on all kinds of things

● Only 12 week and a few days to go till the mini one is - that is if he stays put till he's expected due date.
● Growing a person is hard. Aside from the meat aversion I've now gone to napping instead of sleeping. Is this prep for dealing with a newborn?
● The world is messed up. There seems to be more and more stories of child abuse and rape. Which is all kinds of scary. How do babies grow up to be bad people?
● Am I a terrible feminist for being relieved that the mini one is a boy? I can still raise him to be a feminist, he just won't fully understand the day-to-day fear and other problems.
● Is anywhere really safe?
● Is wanting to leave SA a terrible thing? Shouldn't the aim be to stay and do our small part to make it better? But our responsibility is to the mini one, and to give him every advantage we can.
● I probably should have entitled this post random questions 0_o.

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