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Monday, 21 January 2013

The birthday weekend that was

  • Bullet points because I'm lazy 0_o.
  • I had my birthday off, so it was a long weekend...yay :)
  • The day involved much food  - breakfast at Bread, lunch at Tashas and dinner with friends at Vovo tello.
  • Taking it easy  - amongst gaps between food was me finishing reading the Civil War series, some game playing and lots of just strolling.
  • We also watched Les Miserables with friends. It was a great watch, and I did resit the urge to sing-a-long :). An added bonus was random references to the movie occurring throughout the weekend's gaming - think Red the colour of the clay hut; black the boar in my hut. Yes, it probably was one of those you needed to be their moments.
  • The rest of the weekend involved much rolling of dice - including my new shiny blue set :)
  • Also my people, aka Jerall and our friends are awesome. They made things fun and a January birthday all kinds of cool.

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  1. Sounds like a great birthday. A million points to your people for making a Jan birthday all kinds of cool ... I know what Jan birthdays can be like :)


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