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Friday, 25 January 2013

Five for Friday: Book retail

  • You know that "Do you have that book?" joke? It does happen, and all the time. So far the variations I've encountered included: the one with the red cover; by that really popular author; the top seller; the one everyone's talking about and recently, the one all the grade x kids are using for subject x. The problem with those descriptions is that in any genre you'll encounter at least one book that could be it.
  • There are lots of people out there who need to always be right. Nevermind that you've just read/saw/sold or packed it out...if the book doesn't exactly match what that person says it should be, they won't take. Clearly, the fact that you just work in the bookstore doesn't mean a thing.
  • Fortunately those folks are balanced out by people that you're better off for encountering in the store. This person has the same reading tastes as you, perhaps even the same favourite authors, but they will always have a few more up their reading repertoire for you to check out - and if you're lucky you can do the same for them.
  • You're surrounded by books all day long :). Clearly if you love to read it rocks, but then again they don't let you spend your whole day reading :-/. Then again that could be why I've encountered non readers working in bookstores.
  • Did I mention the books? ;)

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  1. For me, there are few things worse than going to a bookstore and dealing with an assistant that's a non-reader. When someone can intelligently recommend and even chat to you about books it is SUCH a win. So go Cassey! ;)


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