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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Getting crafty - of sorts

During our trip I kept a lot of the tickets and other bits you collect while exploring. When we got back I used a small double-sided frame  - from Ikea :) - and put tickets from some museums in it. Sadly it wasn't big enough for all of the bits and pieces I had. Then last week I had a brain wave. At work we have smallish display stands  - double-sided to display multiple reviews - not all of them are perfect for display purposes and thus not used. I finally remembered to ask my manager if I could have one, she said yes, and the photos below are the result.

This will be the front view, and yes, this isn't the best way to display, but things fit best on the map I had. If you can't make it out it's things from the Paris trip. I love the picture of the Arc.

The 'backside'.

The little frame, this one sits on our dinning table. I'm still not sure where I'll put the big one.

The other side of the little frame.

A side view of the big one. The little pictures are from the Lourve map. In the top right corner is the napkin holder from the bistro we went to for lunch. The bottom left is the cover from the Catacombs map.

Side view of the 'back side'. I put a Miffy plaster on the map for the Centraal Museum because Dick Bruna Huis is part of their ongoing displays :).


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