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Friday, 2 November 2012

Five for Friday: Random

  1. We're having success with the vegetarian dinners, in fact we're up to four a week on most weeks :). This has happened because we don't really buy meat anymore, so our protein options tend to be veg or fish - we don't do much chicken because Jerall doesn't do chicken on the bone, the silly.
  2. I'm still not used to my new hair style.
  3. I realised why I was less anxious about things when we were in NL is in part due to me having been more active. I would walk around a lot more, and I had pilates to go to every week. I've not found a class yet since being back for two reasons, I'm trying to get Jerall to join and more importantly it's just that much harder for me to get them. I'd need to take taxis, and those completely destroy your calm, which defeats the whole purpose of going. I miss the Independence I had in NL.
  4. We've been watching a fair amount of anime lately, two of which are sure to become firm favourites. Check out Sword Art Online and the rebooted Hunter X Hunter.
  5. Lastly a tale from the taxi. Last week I was in a taxi where a middle aged passenger asked the younger guy sitting next to him for help in sorting out an issue with his phone. When the younger guy said he didn't know much about that phone so couldn't help, the older guy berated him for not knowing, after all, "All young ones, know things about phones." After that the same gentlemen then asked a girl with a lip piercing what it's like to eat with those. To which she said normal, he didn't like that answer and told her "If it's normal then we'd all have been born with that." After that we were treated to a monologue on why we need to have two lunch breaks.
Enjoy your weekend :).

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  1. I've heard of Hunter X Hunter from someone and now here ... I think I'm definitely going to have to check it out.


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