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Friday, 23 November 2012

Five for Friday: Dentists and related things

  • I just found out this week that I'll be wearing braces for at least two years :-/. This means I'll have them in when I'm thirty 0_o.
  • Turns out what I thought was an extra - just skew tooth - is just crazy skew.
  • Braces are crazy expensive - you pay more when you get those 'invisible' ones. Clearly I should have become an orthodontist ;).
  • I find the dentist and orthodontist super, super scary. And it doesn't help that I have a bad gag reflex. When they did the get a mould of my teeth part I nearly threw-up :(.
  • Now I need to figure out will I go the different colour elastics every six weeks  - every six weeks, I need to see the scary people all the time :-/ - or go the 'invisible' ones route. Folks who've had braces which one did you pick, and why?


  1. Invisible!!!!! the only way to go, especially that you're older, what I did to save money was have metal on the back teeth you couldn't see and invisible where you could see.

    Argh first week sucks, you cut your lips getting used to the contraption, so make sure you have wax to put on the sharp bits where it's cutting you, after a few days its okay, then every time you go for tightening be prepared for the annoying pain afterwards :)

    lol good luck! but its worth it!

  2. Definitely invisible ones. The coloured ones can make you look like you've got food stuck to your teeth. And don't be shy with the wax in the first few days!

    Oh, and a little bit of bright side: It has been said that chicks who have braces become incredibly good kissers... ;)

    1. The looking like you have food stuck to your teeth thing didn't even occur to me, thanks for that :).

  3. When I had my braces I did the multicoloured elastic thing but (and this is the big 'but') now that I'm older (and possibly wiser) I would go invisible.

    I learnt a trick for the gag reflex which works for me. Pinch the webbed piece of skin between your thumb and your forefinger. I didn't think it would work when I first heard about it but its gotten me through a couple of dentist visits including a filling on my very very back molar.

    1. I will so try the trick during my next visit, hopefully it'll work for me too. The invisible ones really, really appeal, but the cost 0_o.


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