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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The weekend that was

  • I'm feeling the bullet points, I think I'll be using them for all the weekend update posts. It's much easier.
  • Saturday was a morning dentist trip. To say that I was afraid is putting it mildly, but I survived. The dentist was great, he explained everything and it was the first time I was given a mirror to hold to see what was going on. It helped calm me down a little, but sadly did nothing for my gag reflex, it got so bad towards the end that he had me sit up 0_o. 
  • Another not so nice part was the injections, or finding out that I'll need extractions - the full number to be confirmed once I see the orthodontist, and he gets a panoramic x-ray [gag reflex made it hard to get one :-/] but it would be a minimum of two - and that braces are a must now. It turns out I have a few submerged teeth.
  • You're probably wondering why I'm only finding this out now, but coupled with having only ever gone once when I was growing up, a chunk of fear and two really bad dentist incidents before, it kind of makes sense.
  • Post dentist we gamed, and my character died :(.
  • Post gaming was dinner at Vovo Telo, yay for cake :).
  • Sunday was a day of sleeping late, taking it easy, lots of reading and finally meeting my sisters foybriend.
How was your weekend?


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