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Monday, 8 October 2012

The weekend that was

This weekend was a lovely, easy-going one. On Friday evening we went to Canal Walk to go check out the sale at the Cape Union Mart there - both of us are in need of boots. Sadly although they had some lovely boots, none of them fit :-/. That was followed by dinner at Cattle Baron, which has a good burger for a good price, and very good double thick milkshakes.

Saturday was all about gaming. First there was the PFS game at Fanaticus, followed by boardgames at friends. I finally won a game of Agricola - it only took something like 40 games 0_o. Sunday morning was a take it easy morning, we watched some shows, Jerall played DoA 5, I read the new J.D. Robb and then we went off to have an early dinner with friend M who just moved back to Cape Town. We checked out the Readers Warehouse, and I picked up a great cookbook, and filled some of the gaps in my J.D. Robb collection. We tried out Vovo Tello for dinner, the food was great, especially the bread and cake :). I loved the lattes, sadly the service was a bit slow, and there was an issue with one of our meals. Overall though it was/is a great place.

One of the chandeliers at Vovo Tello.

Lamb burger and sweet potato fries.

Chicken, cranberry and whipped brie salad.

A design point on the wall near the staircase.


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