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Friday, 26 October 2012

Five for Friday: Not so bright and shiney

So this is brought on in part due to an early morning conversation with my sister, and also due to seeing someone's blog and admiring her honesty with just expressing almost all that's on her mind.
  • I hate feeling like a mean, stingy cow just because I don't have the money to give my family of origin when asked. The family I prioritise is the unit Jerall and I make, end of story. Now just to learn to let go of that guilt, and not feel like less of a person for it :-/.
  • When stressed or anxious about something, I get chest pains. I know it'll happen, but just not what to do to counter it or get it to end soon. Sometimes things just suck.
  • I've become slightly obsessed with how bad my teeth are :-/. Seeing the dentist tomorrow, it's a bit scary.
  • I need to write my review on Conversations with My Sons and Daughters by Mamphle Ramphele, it has made such an impression on me. I believe that everyone leaving school or university needs to read it. I attended her launch at Book Lounge, and had a question that she seemed to like, and referred to when answering another. She also remembered me when I went up to get her to sign my book :). Yay me.
  • I need to have more yay me moments, and in general need to believe in myself more. This was highlighted by someone that I respect passing an advertisement on to me for something I don't think I could do, but she clearly does.


  1. In re: Item 1, when I am in that sort of situation I try to remember that "charity begins at home", sometimes it helps.

    Good luck with the dentist.

    And, yes, we think you can do great things. Rah you!

  2. Thanks on all three. It might help, but some things are just so hard to get right. Also Rah you too :).


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