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Monday, 27 August 2012

NL 2012: Delft

We've been going to Delft for a lot of gaming, and once we even went there and explored 0_o. This post is about the exploring. I loved the blue and white tiles spotted on random roads, leading to centrum. The buildings are beautiful, they even use an old one for the town hall - although it does seem that most of the towns do so.  We didn't make it to the gardens in Delft - it was raining on our exploring trip, but we did go to a great cheese place and checked out the Saturday markets.

The Nieuwe Kerk isn't really new having been built in the 14th century. It does have gorgeous stained windows, and a very scary tower. It's 376 steps up, a winding, narrow circular staircase with steps narrower than my foot. It was very, very scary for me; especially when I had to go around people going in the opposite direction to me. The views from the top of the tower though are stunning. The Oude Kerk in comparison was pretty tame. The Oude Kerk was a built in 1050, then rebuilt and expanded in 1240. It also has stained glass windows, and a tower...only it's tower is skew. Both churches have epitaphs on the wall, grave stones, headstones of well known Dutch people, and mausoleums.

Delft is a pretty, smallish town, but it does have a much nicer vibe to it than Amsterdam. It almost reminds me of Stellenbosch, although it has quite a few more bookstores :). Enough words, time for pictures.

Street view.

I just love the tiles...I so want one.

Bicycles everywhere.

Town hall.

The tower of doom, doom.

Tatsty, tasty cheese.

A demo of a churner.

Nieuwe Kerk.

One of the stories on stained glass.

A grave stone.

Willem van Nassau's 'grave'.

The mid point, up the tower.

Old bells.


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