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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

NL 2012: Centraal Museum and Dick Bruna Huis

Our trip to Utrecht on Saturday ended with us going to the Dick Bruna Huis aka the author/creator of Miffy or Nijntje as she's known in Dutch. The house is a permanent exhibition attached to the Centraal Museum, which has some rather niffty collections on display itself. I loved Dick Bruna Huis, it was awesome and clearly designed with little people in mind. A lot of the displays were either interactive or on eye-level for kids. The second floor had some modern designers redo Miffy's home, and also displayed some other work that Bruna did. The activities on the second floor were craft themed, you could colour in your own Miffy, and build and colour a miniature version of her home. I didn't do either of those because we wanted to go check out the displays in the Centraal Museum.

Now for pictures with some captions ;).
On the outside wall of Centraal Museum.

Wall to wall Bruna covers in English, Dutch and Japanese.

A display for little eyes.

The dolls in this picture and those below were made for Bruna by Japanese fans.

A look into the extremely labour intensive method used by Bruna to create the illustrations and stories for his books.

A second floor wall displaying some of Bruna's work.

Miffy's house redesigned. The furniture on display was all made using recycled goods.

The table was made from the paper towel rolls.

One of three 'What do you feel? ' cupboards.

Dutch shoe designers work on display at Centraal Museum.

A odd latex pair of shoes.

This picture, and most of those below are from specially commissioned work by the museum. They asked a group of artists to put together, and create at least a piece each on the theme of 'Exploded View'.

This made walking up the stairs a little tricky.

I loved this piece. There are four rigs in the ceiling containing heating elements and blocks of bees wax, the wax is melted and slowly drips out forming stalagmites. The artist that put this together had other pieces that also allowed the end result to form on it's own.

12 pairs of pants filled with chicken wire, attached to a mobile rig, with four boom boxes in the room.

These structures were made from recycled wood, and covered in paper mache made out of recycled art texts.

I've forgotten how old this boat is, but I do remember that the museum had to make a whole in the cellar wall to get it into the building.

This dollhouse has 2000 pieces 0_o.

Even the locker room in the museum had art in it.


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