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Monday, 25 June 2012

The weekend that was

On Friday we had dinner at an Italian place with T and her folks. My parma ham pizza was ok, but Jerall's pasta was awesome :). On Saturday we had planned on going to the Escher Museum around the corner from us, but we went to Madurodam instead, as we could actually see the blue skies :0 [I'll write a post about Madurodam tomorrow]. Before going to Madurodam though we went to Games Workshop to try out painting a mini, and to play a demo game. The painting was tricky, but the demo game was fun. Sunday we went to the beach for a work social. The beach we went to was in Leiden, so it involved a train and bus ride. Annoyingly we got lost, and it was pouring with rain :-/. The social was held on the beach front, in a nice restaurant that had a fire :). It was a fun enough event and we even played a traditional Dutch game - sjoelbak. I enjoyed the game quite a bit, now I'm on the hunt to find one to take home, and a dome shaped umbrella.

The photos are of the painted minis - mini has the brighter red gun -  and the grey sky view at the social.


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