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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

NL 2012: Madurodam

On Saturday we went to Madurodam. Madurodam is miniature park containing miniatures of various popular spots in the Netherlands.What makes it awesome - beyond the exact replications of some great places - is the interactive parts of it. Throughout the park you can swipe your card to either play a mini info video of the place/object you're looking at, or at some spots you swipe and collect more mini videos and quizzes about other spots. You can view those you collected at other spots throughout the park, those then get added to a section you can access from the site called "Your Park" once you're home. The interactions don't stop there, there are some activities scattered throughout the park, you can: try to plug holes with your fingers in a dike, save a town from being flooded, bid on flowers at an auction, try to fly a plane, try to load containers onto a ship, put out a ship fire and many more. It gets even better, as almost every display has some sort of moving part. Churches have processions, roads have buses driving around, boats are on the canals, and trains are zooming in and out of stations. Two such displays really stood out for me: all the rides of carnival were moving, and at a concert the minis that made up the crowd swayed :).

Another great part of the park is that you get to see some great buildings in miniature. And bonus for me, recognising some of them as places you've been too :). Although it can also help you pick out spots that you'd like to see the original of. We spent a few great hours there without noticing the time spent. I think it helped that you're a giant there :).


  1. How awesome! I love that they've also made the scenes "live" with little people and the like.

  2. It is pretty niffty. They also used some of the people minis in the info videos, and often you'd be able to spot them somewhere in the display they talked about. :)


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